Feb 092003

To the Editor:

In regards to the February 6 article “I’m 21 and over the hill:”

If you are going to write an article for a university paper, could you do the CSU community a favor, and think a little bit before you put your fingers on the computer keys? The entertainment world is not “built on youth” as you said in your “21 and over the hill” article. I challenge you to find 500 people on the CSU campus who actually respect any of the artists you mentioned, Aaron Carter, Britney Speers, Lil’ Bow Wow? Are you joking? The artists we respect are people like Dave Matthews, Tom Hanks, and Brad Pitt, who are all over 30. They are the entertainers we will remember when we are “over the hill.”

As for your new-found belief that “it is a young person’s world”, well maybe you should have skipped “Matlock”, and actually attended your American history class. Young people have been in the spotlight of America’s eye since even before the Constitution was written in 1776. Have you ever heard of Paul Revere? Fictional perhaps, but according to the story, a youthful boy.

To top off your ridiculous story, you had this to say: “…I know the truth; a 21-year old kid is too old to make a significant contribution to society.” Congratulations. You have officially made an ass of yourself. There are 23,934 presently enrolled at CSU, and all of us are here to learn, to expand, and to get an education so we can make a contribution to society. “…if there was anything I really wanted to do, if I was willing to work hard enough, I could do it.” – Kent V. Rominger, Shuttle Commander of 5 space missions and 1974 graduate of Colorado State University. You want to make a contribution to society, Whelan? Well here’s a great one, find a new career, because your story isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

Christopher Noel


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