Apologies to Wayne Murdy

Feb 062003

To the Editor:

I wish to send out a formal apology to Mr. Wayne Murdy on behalf of the students in the College of Business and on behalf of all students at Colorado State University. When Mr. Murdy, CEO of Newmont Mining, agreed to come and be, not just a guest speaker, but the Capstone Speaker at the Business College Counsel’s Business Day event, I do not think he foresaw the barrage of questions by a minority of activists about a mercury spill that took place years ago before he became the company’s CEO.

His presence was intended to allow students, of any major or discipline, to come and listen to his oration about running a strong, successful business. This chance, unfortunately, was tainted by the outspokenness of a few. The time following his speech was overran with activists’ comments about how much gold mining harms the environment and how terrible it is that Chinese workers are not getting the pay they deserve. Mr. Murdy was not able to answer any questions from the audience because he had to rush off to field their complaints in a more private setting. He did answer all questions with the utmost respect and tact, even though members of the vocal group snickered at his responses and turned away.

Students, faculty and staff who came to the speech with the intention of learning about the business aspects of a mutli-billion dollar, multi-national corporation were not let down by any means. His speech hit all those topics with great diligence and depth. However, the fact that that these people were not allowed to even meet or greet Mr. Murdy, much less thank him for his time, is unfortunate. The majority of the audience greatly appreciated you, Mr. Murdy, and thanks you for your insight into the world of management.

This is why I would like to apologize to you for the way you were bombarded after your fantastic speech. I deeply thank you for your delightfulness and tact in dealing with such a situation, I know many of us probably could not have composed ourselves so professionally.

Robert J. Sudar

Junior Finance and Economics Major

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