Thanks, Dr. Yates

Feb 052003
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

With the controversy over Gov. Owens’ appointment for CSU’s next president, we have been a little distracted from what we should be doing: celebrating Albert C. Yates’ accomplishments and tenure here at CSU.

Yates was here 13 years, but from all he accomplished, one would think he built the school.

CSU has seen considerable growth in student enrollment and donations for research. With Yates’ hard work, the school has gained national prominence.

Since Yates became president, student enrollment has increased by almost 19 percent. Yates has made CSU more ethnically diverse by helping increase the number of minority students by 57 percent. And external research funding increased by 82 percent since Yates became president.

Not that Yates was the only person making these improvements, but it was his vision and leadership that excited everyone here to seek excellence.

Before Yates, nobody – aside from those who went here – knew about CSU.

Now, people know and respect CSU. Since Yates has been here, U.S. News and World Report ranked CSU as a second-tier school twice, which is a great accomplishment and shows how far the school came during Yates’ tenure.

The new building connecting the Microbiology and Chemistry buildings will be named after Yates.

What a fitting tribute. That building represents what he did here for research and growth.

It could have no other name.

We only wish we could have given him a bigger tribute by naming a building that is more central to campus life after Yates, like a library or student center. But those buildings already have names.

No matter what building is ever named after Yates it will still only be a small tribute to a man who has brought the CSU community so much.

Thank you, Al Yates. We appreciate all you have done.

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