Feb 052003
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Fights, ejections, 10-minute penalties, and hard hits were frequent in CSU’s hockey game against Utah Friday night at Eldora Pool and Ice Center.

The game started out slow and the first period ended with Utah on top 1-0. The second period started with freshman Joe Komorowski scoring in the first 30 seconds. Sophomore Ryan Lewis added another goal and tied the game at two.

The Utes quickly added two more goals to their score, but then so did the Rams. Tom Owens slammed the puck into the back of the net on a breakaway and junior Mike Baker got another to tie the game at four.

CSU then scored four unanswered goals in the third period to win the game 8-4.

Juniors Braden Greiser and Josh Pulliam scored 20 seconds apart from each other, while Owens got another score and junior Sam Kincaid sealed the victory with a short-handed goal.

While the comeback was impressive, the fierce physical battle was much more exciting. Gloves came off, punches were thrown, guys were pinned to the ice and pounded into the boards. The teams totaled over 90 minutes in the penalty box and had players finishing the game in the locker room because of ejections.

“That is the kind of game we expect from Utah. They have some big guys,” senior Travis Burge said.

The biggest fight of the game took place after Utah pinned a Ram to the ice.

“Fights happen and it is good motivation for the team,” head coach

Brian Sutton said. “One of their players took a cheap shot on one of our players and another player stood up for him. It was good to see them support each other and it really brought the team together.”

Then it was time for the Rams to test their skills against Utah State on Saturday night. The first period was slow again and ended with Utah State ahead 2-1.

Sophomore Derek Foster tied the game and less than a minute later, Jeff Mann added another for the Rams’ first lead of the game. CSU outscored Utah State 3-1 in the final period and won the game 7-4.

“The team’s best accomplishment this weekend is that they did not let down,” Sutton said. “We got down by a couple goals, but we kept coming back and we never gave up.”

The Rams record now stands at 17-5-2 as they welcome the University of Arizona to EPIC on Friday and Saturday nights, with the puck being dropped at 7:45 p.m.

Because of the continued success, the Rams will be making the trip to Southern California for the National Championship Tournament. The top three teams from the West will play in the tournament, those being Colorado (No. 1), CSU (2), and Weber State (3). USC also got selected, being the host team.

CSU is currently ranked No. 7 in the nation, behind CU at No. 3, and Miami and Michigan who are tied at No. 1.

Roller-hockey team traveling to Texas

The CSU club roller hockey team started its spring season in style by beating the University of Colorado 8-1. Even though beating CU is nothing new for the team, it was still a good game.

“We normally beat CU by a couple goals, but they did not send some of their best guys and we really beat them this time,” senior Jason Brewer said.

Roller hockey is played in the fall and spring at CSU with the Collegiate Nationals being held after the spring season. The team has to travel during much of the season to find teams to play, but they are also part of an adult league in Fort Collins.

Although the team has been around for a few years, they have gotten more competitive over the past two.

“We have more money know and can travel more and get to play more teams,” Brewer said.

The team will head to Texas on Friday to play teams in the South Division, including Texas at Arlington, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, and others. The team hopes to get a lot of playing in and could have up to six games a day throughout the weekend.

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