Feb 052003
Authors: Jodi Friedman

Massive amounts of students flock to the CSU Student Recreation Center in the weeks before the nine-day vacation from school. They are desperate and driven to improve their bodies in a short time.

“I work out a bit more before spring break to lose weight and get in shape,” said sophomore business major Don Rowland.

Students are motivated by three main factors, which include shedding pounds, gaining muscle, and/or getting in shape and physically fit.

“I work out all year but I work out more before spring break so I look decent in a bathing suit,” said sophomore psychology major Jamie Vandenberg. “It is also a head start to looking good for summer.”

A vast variety of people book plans to spend their vacation in settings where bathing suits, shorts, and other revealing clothing are the expected garments. As a result, people become crazed with their bodies because they anticipate flaunting them. Those thoughts lead them directly to the gym.

The Recreation Center begins to pick up and grow busy one month before break. The week before is a madhouse.

“There is usually a wait for most equipment,” said senior marketing major Eric Allen. “It is mostly girls on the cardio and guys lifting to get huge.” Allen has worked in the Recreation Center office for a year and a half.

“Lots of people come in groups that don’t normally come,” he said.

The equipment and weights are not the only desired parts of the gym. According to Allen, aerobics classes also gain sudden popularity.

Individuals who are seeking quick, magical outcomes are likely to be disappointed.

“It takes probably two or three months [of working out] a couple times a week to see results,” said Allen.

After a chaotic week of crowds and noise, the atmosphere of the CSU gym returns to normal. “Everything pretty much falls off after spring break,” Allen said.

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