Feb 052003
Authors: Eric Todd Patton

“Final Destination 2” was made because of the tremendous box-office take of the first film. “Final Destination 1” was able to create moments of such anticipation audience members would hide their eyes at the wrong moments, only to open them again when the unexpected death would occur. They attempt to do the same in the sequel, but to quote my friend Beau, “Death really sucks at his job now, like he just stopped trying.”

Well put, Beau. In this sequel, although there were moments of high tension, Death seemed to have just given up. It is as if he could not think of how to kill the next two kids so he just said, ‘Ah, let’s blow them up,’ which he did quite often.

If you have seen the first film, then you know how this one begins and what the entire premise is. But for those who have not seen the first one, this one begins the same with one lucky person seeing the vision of a tragedy and spending the next several days trying to stay alive. The premise is as such: if you see the accident beforehand and save lives, then you have interrupted Death’s plan and he must take out those who were meant to die. Now they must figure out who is next and how they are supposed to die in order to save lives.

The writers of these two films are good at building up to what you believe will happen and then coming at you in a different angle. It is called misdirection. They want you to look in front of you so they can kill somebody behind you. There were more graphic deaths, more grotesque elements and one death that completely caught me off guard.

In films like this the acting should not be something one looks at. Yes, the acting was horrible, but it is a thriller, a spine-tingling chiller, a frightener, jump-out-of-your-seat entertainment and the acting is a simple by-product. Now, the direction has to be in prime condition to deliver such thrills, and here, it was managed well. The sheer gruesomeness of the deaths was done wonderfully. I laughed at most of the deaths, but mostly because I was so shocked of what we saw.

I would recommend you rent this when it comes out and watch it with a group of friends. But, as far as giving it a good grade as a credible film or just a scare flick, I cannot give it very high in comparison to other scary movies. This gets a C.

Directed By: David R. Ellis

Starring: Ali Larter, A.J. Cook, Andrew Downing

What you need to know: It seems that Death just isn’t trying anymore.

Final Grade: C

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