Browning Before Break

Feb 052003
Authors: Jodi Friedman

Tanning salons become popular places to hang out during the days preceding spring break. Right before CSU students are set free for a week, large amounts of people flock anywhere they can go to turn as brown as possible.

“I usually fry myself right before spring break so I don’t fry myself during spring break,” said senior math major Stephanie Kent.

The toastier bodies are before direct exposure to the sun, the less likely they are to develop a burn. Tanning prepares skin that will be spending endless hours outdoors.

“I tan more for spring break because I am fair-skinned and I fear getting fried and not enjoying my vacation,” said senior marketing major Jennifer Shea.

Sunburns are painful, uncomfortable, and enough to put a damper on any vacation.

“Most people want to get tan before going somewhere tropical so they don’t leave looking like a lobster and show up looking like a snowman,” said sophomore human development major Libby Murphy.

Many students make plans to be on a beach during break. Tanning before hitting the sand prevents standing out in a bathing suit by blinding onlookers with a Colorado winter skin tone.

Junior education major Lauren Kelly said, “The best way to tan is in the nude with your honey.”

There are always methods to spice up any tanning session. People get creative when they anticipate attending salons on a regular basis.

“The best time to start is a month before break,” said Sara Zarembinski, manager of Bronz Tanz. “One week before, people are trying to get color as fast as possible.”

According to Zarembinski, it is not likely to develop a quality tan in a few days. If people leave a full month to darken, they have time to gain a rich, deep tan.

“There have been instances where people go way too long their first time and get completely fried,” said Susan Moscariello, owner of Images Hair, Nails and Tanning Salon. Sometimes when students save tanning to the last minute, they try to overcompensate. The results can be disappointing.

Alternative options are available for individuals who are seeking safer tanning methods and avoiding the dangers of ultra violet rays. Some salons are now offering sunless tanning for every skin type. A machine evenly sprays a tanning solution all over the body in less than a minute. The color lasts up to seven days and delivers a healthy, golden tan.

According to Moscariello, it is still important to use an SPF in the sun. Even with a dark sunless tan, UV Rays will burn right through a cosmetic tan because the color provides no protection.

Despite the popular tanning craze right before spring break, some students find themselves scrutinizing the status quo. Those people do not find importance in correlating Break with brown skin.

“I think it is absolutely ridiculous when I see girls on campus who are glowing bright orange because they have tanned so much,” said senior marketing major Amanda Malek. “Do they not realize they are targets for ridicule?”

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