Feb 042003
Authors: the Collegian Editorial Board

With the drought that is expected to continue for a long time the state is asking people to take shorter showers and each person cut down what he or she consumes. While this is a noble way to go about it, it will only help a little.

The Fort Collins City Council has taken water conservation one-step further. They recently passed an ordinance calling for everyone — individual residents and companies – to reduce their water consumption by 15 percent. If the person or company doesn’t, then they will pay more for what they use.

Those who have historically used more water will pay even more if they — residents or companies – don’t cut their consumption down. People who do comply will actually see lower water bills because they are cutting back. So the villains here are being punished and the good guys rewarded.

“It is difficult to make a system that is fair for everyone, but (the new water rates) treat everyone the same by saying if you don’t reduce water consumption, then you’re going to pay more,” said Michael Smith, general manager of Fort Collins Utilities.

The only way to really make it effective is to have high stakes for those who aren’t obeying the necessary requests. It’s hard to cut back on water usage especially when locked into your own routine. Therefore – charging those who are using too much is a great idea and EVERYONE should implement this to not only make it fair for us but to also try and make a REAL difference.

Encouraging people is one thing, but making people pay more if they don’t cut back is another. Other cities, and the entire state for that matter, should punish people in their pocket books for not cutting down on water consumption.

The bottom line: Fort Collins is making a real effort to help our drought-stricken state and everyone else should join the bandwagon.

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