Feb 032003

To the Editor:

I was startled to read your editorial of 1/31 that implies rioting is an acceptable form of expressing an opinion. I thought the best way was to vote, communicate with your elected officials, work for candidates of your

choice, run for office, apply for positions on boards, commissions and committees.

You might also diligently work to develop technologies, systems, methods, cures, procedures and environments that might truly improve the state of humanity. All that, however, requires one to work, to think and to take responsibility for one’s actions.

There’s also little instant gratification and sometimes you must accept the fact that your opinions won’t prevail (that’s how democracy works) or what you’ve developed won’t work. What a bummer! I also think you’ll find social issues are not independent of economic matters and other realities of life.

It’s easy to wonder about the intellectual viability of an education at CSU when campus leaders recommend mindless actions to address serious, complicated issues.

I wonder how enthusiastic you would be about rioting if a group, unhappy with some social position or action you took, held a riot and trashed your office. Would that resolve the difference?

Derry Eynon, Grumpy

Retired CSU professor

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