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Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

The Flea Market in the Lory Student Center raised $39,000 for student organizations last year.

Located on the main level of the student center, the Flea Market is available every day school is in session for student organizations to give out information, hold fundraisers and sponsor vendors.

“It’s there to raise money to benefit students and student programs,” said Nina Simmers, Campus Activities manager at CSU.

All recognized student organizations have access to a booth at the Flea Market a total of 20 days per academic year. Ten days are free of cost to the organization and are for distributing information. The remaining 10 days are for fundraising, and come at a fee of $5 per day.

“For recognized clubs, it’s cheap,” said Emma Locke, junior horticulture major and president of CSU’s Horticulture Club. “We have been able to use it to promote our sale that we hold in our greenhouses in the spring.”

Student organizations can also sponsor a vendor to sell a product at their booth on their fundraising days. The vendor is charged $150 to be there. Half goes to the student organization and the other half goes to Campus Activities programs.

“It can be very difficult for a tiny student organization to spend all day there,” Simmers said. “This can help student organizations develop.”

Student organizations can either select a vendor they want to bring in or vendors can choose a student organization they’d like to represent. Campus Activities provides vendors with a list of student organizations that want to give their fundraising days up to vendors.

Susy Bonar, owner of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Old Town Fort Collins sold boxed chocolates, gift baskets and CSU mugs at the Flea Market around Christmas and will be back again close to Valentine’s Day.

“It kind of helps get our name around,” Bonar said. “We also want students to know we’re here to help them.”

Most vendors hang a banner of the organization sponsoring them in front of their booth.

“It gives them visibility as well as allows students to know about that organization,” Simmers said. “Ideally, it turns into a win-win situation.”

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