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Feb 022003
Authors: Patrick Crossland

Lacy Jo Miller’s casket was covered in pink party streamers as though to celebrate the going away of her spirit at Saturday’s funeral service.

“We’re here to celebrate the life and graduation of Lacy Miller,” said Robert Miller, who spoke at Lacy Miller’s funeral.

Her family, friends and those who knew her only after her death, gathered to remember and celebrate her life and mourn the loss of the University of Northern Colorado sophomore who was found dead last week. Lacy Miller was reported missing on Jan. 18 after she did not return home after dropping a friend off at Ram’s Village.

Twenty-two year old Jason Clausen was arrested on Jan. 22 in connection with Lacy Miller’s disappearance, and has since been arraigned and charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of second-degree kidnapping.

“I want to encourage you today to continue to love and laugh with Lacy,” said Robert Miller.

Robert Miller said she possessed three particular characteristics of joyfulness, love and strong relationships.

Wendy Cohen, Lacy Miller’s mother, thanked those who had gathered, saying, “thank you for letting your day stop, like my world has stopped.”

She said she was comforted knowing that others grieved her loss and sympathized with her pain.

“It’s not my own private little hell, I can see you are hurting.”

Cohen said she didn’t believe this was God’s will, but a poor, wrong decision made by the killer.

“I believe it wasn’t God’s will for her to die,” she said. “What happened is that we all have choices and this person, whoever, made a choice to take my baby away.”

Cohen encouraged those who were present to try to think positively and to make better the outcome of all that has occurred. She added that she didn’t want this to make the people of Fort Collins afraid and encouraged community members to remain good-natured.

“I don’t want it to destroy this town, or make us afraid, we live in a great town,” she said. “Just because something bad happens doesn’t mean you need to be ugly.”

She spoke briefly about her daughters last moments, saying she didn’t believe that she suffered.

“I believe as soon as it got scary for Lacy, God took her,” she said. “She didn’t feel it in her spirit.”

Lacy Miller’s funeral was concluded with a slide show of her life, praise songs and a bagpipe processional.

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