Jan 302003
Authors: Monique Lewis

Forty-three girls sat patiently watching a presentation about sorority Greek life on Tuesday evening orientation. Stephanie Scott, sophomore journalism major, follows in the footsteps of her family legacy by joining a Greek community. Scott, among other women, was present at the sorority orientation also to gain new friends and share different experiences.

The orientation was a moment for the women to learn more about what it means to be a Greek and the many opportunities associated with it including leadership, community service, scholarships, jobs and friendships. The orientation was also geared towards erasing common stereotypes about Greeks-hazing and parties catering alcohol.

Immediately after the presentation, the Rho Gammas lead the rushees to the houses to meet the ladies of Kappa Delta and Kappa Alpha Theta, the only chapters participating in formal spring recruitment,

Kappa Delta

“We are a smaller house, one of the advantages is that you get to know each other better and build tighter bonds,” said Jessica Klein, a member of the sorority.

On Wednesday Kappa Delta treated the rushees to a Mexican dinner at their house.

“It’s seems like fun to meet people to check out the house,” said Deserae Frisk, freshman sociology major. “I figured it would be a different experience to meet people and gain connections to the world. Usually, people who join sororities do better in the real world because they actually tried to join something and participate in organizations in college.”

Christy Bradford, freshman English education major, said she isn’t sure if she will rush. Klein invited her to the dinner.

“From what I heard and saw tonight (Kappa Delta) seems different from other sororities,” Bradford said. “I’ve seen the way these girls interact. I know a couple of girls who never want to go home and this seems better.”

Klein said that one of the great things in a sorority is that she could get involved as much or little as she wanted.

“We all go work out together or come in, veggie out and watch a movie,” Klein said. “It’s like immediately you join a sorority and have 30 new best friends. I would encourage people to be open-minded in joining a sorority and not take in to stereotypes. Take a look at sorority life in general, because by taking in stereotypes and not seeing what it’s all about you could really miss out.”

Kappa Alpha Theta

“I liked the girls and got a good impression,” said Ashley Cole, freshman human development major.

Kappa Alpha Theta socialized and played games with their rushees in Ramskeller on Wednesday evening also.

Michelle Shaffer, freshman business finance major, attended because her cousin was in a sorority, who said it was a lot of fun.

“She made lifelong friends and it was an experience she wouldn’t trade,” Shaffer said. “This is my favorite one because I felt when I first walked in I clicked. They have high academic standards and that’s something that’s always really been important to me.”

Molly Smith is a first year member. She said she loves it so far.

“I think it’s awesome,” Smith said. “The girls are amazing women and I can look up to them. They all work very hard in school. They’re very friendly women and can give good advice.”

Lindsay Sell, former Pan-Hellenic president, said she hopes the rushees have fun, enjoy themselves and see what their specific sorority is all about.

“Every sorority has really unique qualities and different attributes,” Sell said. “What stands out is truly the dynamic. I think a lot of women could fit in with a lot of sororities, it’s more about finding the one where you can be comfortable and successful.”

The Office of Greek Life will hand out the bids for all rushees today from noon to 5:00 p.m.

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