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Saturday commences Black History Month, a month designed to celebrate African-American culture, freedom and accomplishments.

CSU’s Black Student Alliance and other campus organizations have several related events planned throughout the month, including one discussion called “Sex For Chocolate,” several Double-Dutch jump rope matches, a dating game and over two dozen other gatherings.

“(The events) are set up to educate, inform, unite and teach everyone about the dynamics of black past, present, and future,” said Laura Martin, president of Black Student Alliance.

Mayor Ray Martinez plans to initiate Black History Month opening ceremonies on Monday.

The events, celebration and discussions will continue until the closing ceremony on Feb. 28.

In 1926, Carter G. Woodson, an African-American Harvard graduate, declared the second week of February as Negro History Week.

The observed week eventually evolved into Black History Month, which now inspires events and celebration across America each February.

“(Black History Month) recognizes African-Americans that have contributed to America through inventions, through triumph, through education.” said Theresa Grangruth, the administrative assistant at CSU’s Black Student Services.

While the month marks an important period to black people, some also feel it does not sufficiently represent African-American history.

“I don’t think it’s enough, one month,” said Kwami Austin, a junior sociology major. “I don’t think Martin Luther King Jr. Day is enough either.”

Ryon Sibert, a junior speech communication major, agreed.

“It should be celebrated 365 days a year,” Sibert said.

Both students agreed that incorporating black history more into school programs like high school history classes could help a constant recognition of African-Americans become more possible.

“Black History Month is a time to reflect on our ancestors, get together with people in the community and celebrate things that are important to our culture,” said China Hutchins, a freshman open-option student.

Often referred to as “the Father of Black History Month,” Woodson also founded the Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History in 1951.

ASALH, still active in carrying on the legacy of Woodson, announced the theme this year will be “The Souls of Black Folk: Centennial Reflections.”

A book written by W.E.B. DuBois in 1903 inspired this theme. “The Souls of Black Folk” included poetry and songs by African-Americans as well as analysis and thoughts of DuBois, a scholar and author who was often labeled a radical.

Woodson once said the reason he chose February to celebrate black history was because it marked the birthdays of both Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, two key players in African-American liberation, according to the ASALH.

The sponsors of upcoming events invite everyone to attend.

Info Box:


Feb.3: Opening Ceremonies with Mayor Martinez. Noon; LSC Sunken Lounge

Sex For Chocolate: Discussions on Abstinence, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Safe Sex. 7 p.m.; LSC room 220

Feb.4: Successful Careers in a Biased Workplace. Noon; LSC Senate Chambers

Feb. 6: Quilts and the Underground Railroad Presentation. Feel Free to bring a quilt and tell its origin. 1 p.m.; LSC rooms 214-216

Double-Dutch Jump Rope. 4-5 p.m.; 1608 Lancer Drive (Fort Collins)

Feb. 7: Clef Notes Open Mic. Entertainment. 7 p.m.; LSC Commons

Feb. 9: National Pan-Hellenic Council Week Begins. Worship Service location TBA

Feb. 10: Taste of Black Greek History (Soul Food Taster). 7 p.m. Student Rec. Center Lounge; $2 per person

Feb. 12: Soul Food Chat: “Then and Now” with CSU Alums. 1 p.m.; LSC room 204

“Cupid Connection” Dating Game. 7 p.m. LSC room 220

Feb. 13: Reading by Reginald Shepherd, African American Poet. 7 p.m. Hatton Gallery Art Bldg.

Sankofa Discussions Part I. (Black History Month Theme.) Noon: LSC room 214.

Double-Dutch Jump Rope. 4 p.m.; Boys & Girls Club

Feb. 14: Love Smart…Play Safe Information Table. 10 a.m.-2 p.m.; LSC Flea Market

Feb. 15: Skate Night at Roller Land. 8 p.m.; 324 Link Lane (Fort Collins) $4 per person

Feb. 18: Fashion Show: West African Ghanaian clothes and more. 7 p.m. LSC Commons

Feb. 19: AKA Knowledge Bowl. 7 p.m.; LSC rooms 222-224

African American Entrepreneurs Panel Discussion. 4 p.m. Rockwell Hall room 119

Feb. 20: Big XII Conference. University of Oklahoma at Norman

Double-Dutch Jump Rope. 4 p.m.; Boys & Girls Club

Feb. 22: Little Shop of Physics: Exhibits by African American Scientists. 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; LSC Middle, West

and East ballrooms

Feb. 23: Gospel Fest. 4 p.m.; LSC Theater (free)

Feb. 24: African-American Movies. 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; LSC room 204

Feb. 25: Big XII Post Conference Discussions. Noon; LSC room 204

Feb. 26: Sankofa Discussions Part II. Noon; LSC room 204

Feb. 27: Movie Night/Discussion: “Higher Learning.” 7 p.m.; Durell Center DC Bottoms

Double-Dutch Jump Rope: 4 p.m. Boys & Girls Club

Feb. 28: Black History Month Closing Ceremony. 2 p.m. LSC Second Floor Longs Peak Room (bring your

African American books to donate)

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