Jan 292003
Authors: David Schneider

I don’t know, maybe I just have lived a sheltered life or something.

It just seems to me that no one these days remembers what it’s like to have dreams. I’m not talking about those dreams where you are giving a speech and you happened to be in your birthday suit. I mean do you remember what you wanted to be when you were a kid? A fire fighter, a doctor, or what ever else it was, the world was your oyster and you could do anything.

What ever happened to being so full of hope and ideas? Where did the optimistic ideas of youth go? Were they left behind when you went off to college? Because I really am beginning to think I am the last remaining person on this campus, and maybe even in this generation, who still believes I can accomplish anything if I just set my mind to it.

Everyone else seems to be walking around in this depressed funk where the simple joys in life and big hopes and ideals are sucked right down the toilet. What is the deal with that? Just because you grow up, doesn’t mean that you have to grow old.

Sure things get a little more complicated in life, but don’t let go of that little kid inside of each of you.

We all can learn something from the movies and old television shows, like “Leave it to Beaver”. Those great ideals that always were proved to be true at the end of the story, such as good always defeats evil, love can overcome anything, and hard work always pays off, whatever it is it ends up with a happy ending and gives us hope for what can and most times should happen in real life. I guess the only one is still have trouble believing is that nice guys don’t finish last, but that is a whole other story.

By no means am I saying you should stop working or paying bills; that’s just lunacy. But there is a point where you stop working to live and start living to work. Now who really wants that? But like Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith, says in “Amazing,” “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” Those, if any, are words to live by.

So, if you want fame and fortune, then get it doing something that you love. Not everything in life has to be about working and just getting by to the next day of the same exact thing. Come on, live a little, it’s not like you get another chance to go through life. If you want to do something of worth, than keep in mind that one person can make a difference. With everything that is going on today, like the situation with Iraq, the horrendous economy, and terrorism, it just takes one motivated person and some ambition and nothing is entirely impossible to accomplish. Stop sitting there and waiting for good things to just happen and make them happen, but never lose the hope that things will work out all for the best.

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