Jan 292003
Authors: Troy Briggs

Beginnings are always so precarious. The whole fate of a relationship can easily be built on those few glances, the first words, something in a handshake. Some of the daily readers might recognize this as a new sub-article under the larger (mother) article of movie reviews. With the newness of it all I thought that an appropriate beginning would be with introductions. In this article I will attempt to both introduce and discuss a smaller faction of the grand world of film. “The Indie Movie.” To begin with, I will introduce the theaters that support this endangered sort of opportunity to tap into the less than main stream.

The three giants of this little world of Indie are The Mayan, Chez Artiste and The Esquire. All three of these Denver-based theaters are perfect for the slightly different movie viewing experience. Here is a list of directions and some interesting things to do near by while waiting after or before the movie.

The Mayan

110 Broadway # (303) 744-6796:

A gorgeous theater. Near The Mayan is a pretty nice bar called “The Hornet” with seating and some pool tables. Across the street is one of the top galleries in Denver “RULE” check it out if you have time. From I-25 take the 6th Ave. exit east. Take 6th until Broadway and hang a right. The theater is at 1st and Broadway. It is on the northeast side of the intersection.

Chez Artiste

4150 E Amherst Ave. # (303) 757-7161:

Big momma of the Denver Indie. There is an Indian restaurant, and a Beujo’s is near but the real treat is a great big Savers right next door with a nice view of Denver. The Chez Artiste has more daytime shows during the week than the other theaters. To get there take the Colorado Blvd. exit south. Your crossroad is Amherst. The theater is on the left. It is a bit tucked away so just look for the Savers.

The Esquire

590 Downing #(303) 733-5757:

Cute theater, nice neighborhood. There is a really good little bookshop called Mean Jeanine’s near and a cool coffee shop that looks like a gas station right across the street. There are a few eating options, I hear good things about the nearby deli. Esquire is very easy to get to: take 6th Ave. east to the doorstep. The crossroad is Downing and The Esquire is on the right.

So if you haven’t yet acquainted yourself with some of these theaters, give it a try. I promise it will be interesting.

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