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Jan 282003

To the Editor:

As transfer students in the College of Natural Resources we have become aware of the wise paper product use and recycling at CSU. We would like to bring the attention of students and faculty to two main issues.

Everyday trashcans from all bathrooms on campus are filled to overflowing with paper towels, and everyday thousands of paper towels are poured into our already overflowing landfills. Why hasn’t CSU found an alternative to this wasteful practice? CSU’s paper towels could be replaced by hand dryers or recycled paper products.

We also think the food service could make a more conscious effort to encourage and practice wise paper consumption. With the convenient location of recycle containers to rear of most food preparation areas, one would think food service employees would be encouraged by all levels of management to walk their recyclable materials back to the bins. We often see the disposal of large cardboard boxes and other materials into the trash when they could easily be recycled.

Through the encouragement of recycling, food service personnel can greatly reduce excessive waste.

We believe the university can, and should, review the way products are unnecessarily wasted at CSU. As changes are made on campus, students and faculty will become more aware of the steps they can take to reduce waste and protect the beautiful environment in which we live.

Meghan McLenon & Jenni Mullins

Juniors Natural Resource

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