Watch out for budget cuts

Jan 262003

To the Editor:

This is regarding Monica Owens’ letter on January 27.

Monica, I got it. I finally know why your dad, Governor Bill Owens, nominated an “excellent fundraiser” as president of the university. It’s because we are going to need a damn good fundraiser when he cuts our budget even more next year.

CSU, brace yourself for the budget cuts; that’s the governor’s message to us with his nomination. Maybe Holtzman is a good fundraiser. So what? That doesn’t automatically qualify you to run a university with a student population topping 20,000.

OK, so the University of Northern Colorado had Hank Brown as president. He was a U.S. Senator. Holtzman was a technology secretary.

Face it, Monica: your dad overstepped his bounds on this one. The presidency of a university should remain apolitical and as far away from party politics as possible. Unfortunately, Gov. Owens couldn’t help himself.

The successor to President Yates is now tarnished and no matter what happens, may never be seen as legitimate.

Nicolas Storelli Castro


Political Science/Economics

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