Old Town curfew a good idea

Jan 262003
Authors: Collegian Editorial Board

Fort Collins City Council was pretty busy while we were on break – busy changing nightlife in Old Town.

The council approved the smoking ordinance, which the Collegian thought should have been compromised. And the council passed an ordinance closing Old Town after 2 a.m. – when bars in the area close.

This was passed because many business owners became victims of rowdy, drunk downtown patrons. There were many cases of vandalism, including graffiti and broken windows. And many drunk patrons would leave behind various fluids – namely, vomit and urine – for the business owners to clean up in the morning.

Unlike the smoking ordinance, we wholeheartedly support this new regulation. There is no reason for people to hang around after bars close. If patrons still think the night is young, then it is no big deal to find another place to grow old with the night.

Further, there is no reason business owners should have to clean up after irresponsible drunkards.

We think this ordinance will help preserve the unique features of Old Town nightlife while pleasing business owners and keeping people safe.

Plus, police will only issue tickets after the loiterer has been warned first. This allows the police to make a judgment call as to whether the person deserves the ticket, and it will keep the hostility down in the area because loiterer will know he or she will not automatically get a ticket.

Keeping hostility down is a great idea, especially considering we are talking about young drunk people.

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