Jan 262003

Editor’s note: Monica Owens is the daughter of Gov. Bill Owens.

To the Editor:

The Collegian’s opinion that CSU presidential candidate Marc Holtzman will ultimately hurt this university is a far-fetched speculation, which I feel, was poorly supported. To say that Mr. Holtzman has already hurt the university, will cheapen the quality of our degrees and lessen the amount of money donated by alumni and other organizations is absurd.

You actually believe that his lack of academic achievement will make us look pathetic- I find that quite amusing, for Harvard University recently hired a non-traditional president, as well as the current Chancellor of the University of Denver Dan Ritchie and the former president of the University of Northern Colorado, Hank Brown. I am assuming you find those schools to be pathetic, for a non-traditional president runs them?

I have faith that the Board of Governors will look at all qualified candidates. It is up to the board to make the final decision, but I do think Bill Owens, being Colorado’s Governor, has every right to express his opinion.

Marc Holtzman is a very qualified candidate whose reputation is being tarnished by people who are dismissing him as a candidate just based on the fact that he was nominated by a political figure – a Republican political figure to be more specific.

However though, it is not just conservative Republicans who are acknowledging Holtzman’s accomplishments. Even Senator Dan Grossman, D-Denver, said, “Marc Holtzman is an incredibly competent individual who will succeed in anything he does.”

Mr. Holtzman has over a decade of political and public service in the United States, and has developed a close relationship with political leaders and leading governmental officials around the world. Holtzman has management experience, a strong business background and has proven his ability to raise money, even in tough economic times, such as those we are now faced with.

I am not saying Marc Holtzman is the only candidate that should be considered for the position as our next president, I only wish you would not label him as “unqualified”- leave that up to the Board of Governors to decide.

Monica Owens

Sophomore Psychology

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