Jan 232003
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The university has recently issued a new policy in which professors are no longer supposed to post students’ grades on strips where any portion of a student’s Social Security Number is present.

This policy, while less convenient for students, seems to be a good idea. It will be one less place at the university where our Social Security Number is available to others.

But this would be a moot point if the university didn’t use these numbers in the first place. Obviously, the number is convenient because people usually already have it memorized, but it wouldn’t be that hard to learn a new random number.

The university has taken steps to alleviate concerns over the use of Social Security Numbers. Students may now be issued a new university identification number if they choose to be, and the university will no longer print ID numbers on student ID cards.

We believe that students should not even be offered an opportunity to use their Social Security Number as their university ID number. Some students may be unaware of the dangers of disclosing this number to others and are likely to want a number they already know.

As long as the university continues to use social security numbers, it’s a good idea to get rid of paper grade postings. Not only will this increase personal privacy, it will cut down on the amount of paper used, which will save money and be better for the environment.

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