Rush Week begins

Jan 232003
Authors: Monique Lewis

Visiting all those Greek organization’s homes during rush can be intimidating for some students-knowing which group is the best fit and fear of not being picked. Some students stay clear of becoming a Greek, while others see a worthwhile trip along the way.

Trevor Udden, Inter-Fraternity Council president and member of Phi Delta Theta, feels that it’s a great experience and more than beneficial. Udden said that guys tend to be more intimidated during rush, and that they really have nothing to worry about. Last year, his fraternity offered bids to almost all of the guys who rushed.

“It’s like matching personalities,” said Udden. “It’s all voluntary and flexible. It’s fun. You make a lot of friends and meet so many people.”

Next week, Greeks will have several ice-braker events for students to get to know them, and decide which organization is best for them. Toward the end of the week, there is an invite-only dinner. Udden recalls when he rushed his freshman year. He went to the Alpine Family Fun Center and ate a steak and shrimp dinner.

Kelly Lanning, director of public relations for Inter-Fraternity Counsel and member of Pi Kappa Phi, said that fraternities are always changing and looking for new members. They try to attract guys that fit into the house. He encourages students to not be intimidated, ” they’re just there to meet you,” Lanning said.

Every house has different interests and students should check out as many as possible.

Students should expect rush to be different for sororities and fraternities. Rush is very structured for sororities. Ana Osborn, vice president for recruitment Pan-Hellenic, said there is a formal orientation period, then women of Rho Gamma take them to different homes, as the first round. During the second round, they visit their top five choices and then their top two choices in the third and final round. Osborn said it’s a mutual pick.

“We don’t send people to anywhere they don’t want to go,” Osborn said. “By introducing every house to the girls, it really gives girls a preferential pick, so that it’s less intimidating knowing which house to visit.”

There is also continuous recruitment. If a girl chooses not to do the first round, a house member can invite her and she can still be included in membership.

“If a person goes through recruitment and doesn’t feel particularly strong about a house, I suggest they go to recruitment in the fall, so they have a chance to see other houses on an equal field,” Osborn said.

After rush and students have made their choices, pledging begins. It requires a great deal of time management, getting to know members of the chapters and learning the national and local chapters’ history. Udden added that a lot of the structured aspects are study hours, to make sure everyone’s getting good grades, and community service. The duration of pledging varies from chapter to chapter. For some, it lasts the whole semester.

“For most people it really helps them a lot to grow as a person,” Udden said. “The busier they are, the more efficient they become. One of the biggest things people learn is time management and balance.”

“I thought when I was a freshman, I wanted to (rush),” said April Wallace, a junior journalism major. “I have negative perceptions about what it’s all about-paying for your friends and people wouldn’t be your friend otherwise.”

Kyle Smith, junior and economics major and member of Sigma Pi, disagrees. He said that none of the money goes to the fraternity; rather it is for events such as Up Till Dawn and community activities and philanthropy.

“You get what you pay for,” Smith said.

He said that when he rushed the guys were really nice and inviting; he clicked right away with them.

Udden reminds students that, “it’s just a time to go meet people, relax and have fun.”

Summary: Students shouldn’t be worried about getting into a fraternity or sorority. Rush is a time to find the organization that matches their interests.




January 27-31

Greek Golf (Tabling), LSC Food Court, 4-6 p.m.


January 28

Greek Orientation at 6:30 p.m., Room 203 LSC

January 28-29

Optional Open House, Time is flexible

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