Jan 232003
Authors: Remi Young

The Associated Students of CSU Funding Board declared the budget for the spring semester to be approximately $75,000, although they expect the final budget will be somewhat lower than this estimate.

John Kowalczyk, president of the Premedica organization, which is planning a Medical Symposium program focused on neurology to facilitate pre-medical students’ interaction with the medical field, presented a proposal to the board requesting $1,846 for the one-day event.

A majority of the costs will help fund travel, food and lodging for the seven guest speakers attending, all of whom are doctors from various prestigious universities, including CSU’s own Dr. Kathryn M. Partin. Additional costs will be for the advertising and miscellaneous expenses.

The funding board granted Premedica’s request for all but $150, which the board felt was an unnecessary expense towards advertising for the one-day event. The final amount granted was $1,696.

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