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Authors: Melissa Pester

Jason Clausen, the 22-year-old man arrested in Fort Collins for the murder of Lacy Miller, is scheduled to be in court for arraignment on Monday at 1:30 p.m.

Miller’s body had not been found as of Thursday night. Fort Collins Police Services continue to seek the help from community members in locating the body. In a press release, police ask citizens to not attempt to locate Miller on their own, so they can protect the integrity of the crime scene.

Miller, a University of Northern Colorado sophomore, was reported missing by her family last Saturday when she did not return home after dropping off a friend. Clausen was arrested four days later, on Wednesday, after police received a tip from a Fort Collins citizen.

The connection between Miller and Clausen has yet to be released by Fort Collins police – however, her family believes that she was not acquainted with Clausen in any way.

“She didn’t know him,” Miller’s mother, Wendy Cohen told the Fort Collins Coloradoan. “He was a complete stranger. There is no way she would have gotten out of the car.”

Police believe the body may have been transported in Clausen’s 1998 white Ford Expedition with Colorado license plate 313DLL on a homemade flatbed trailer with Colorado license plate L105591; they also believe he deposited her remains in Weld or Larimer counties sometime between Saturday and Monday morning.

According to Fort Collins Police spokeswoman Rita Davis, police are investigating the possibility that Miller was stopped by an individual posing as a police officer, and that this may have happened before in the Fort Collins area.

“We recognize this information can be very disturbing to community members and that citizens may be reluctant to stop for non-uniformed police officers in unmarked cars,” Davis said in a prepared statement.

The release also states that the community should not become alarmed by non-uniformed police officers, and has provided guidelines for citizens if they do not feel safe if pulled over.

* Drive the speed limit to a well-lit area with people present and stop your car. Do not roll down your window and open your car doors.

* Tell the officer you are afraid and that you would like to see his/her identification. Do this through the closed window and speak up so the officer can hear you.

* Ask the officer to have a marked unit respond to verify that the contact is legitimate.

* If you have a phone, you can contact the following agencies to verify a police officer has stopped you: For Fort Collins Police Services call 221-6540 and ask for a dispatcher; Larimer County Sheriff’s Dispatch Office at 416-1985; Colorado State University Police at 491-6425; or the Colorado Sate Patrol dispatch at 239-4518. These should all be able to verify that a police officer has stopped you.

Several news outlets reported Thursday that deputies found Clausen wearing a ski mask, carrying a bail bondsman badge and was in possession of a vehicle equipped with red and blue emergency lights and containing a cache of guns. They also found Miller’s personal identification with Clausen.

Fort Collins police are asking the community if anyone saw a truck and trailer matching this description parked in Larimer or Weld counties on Saturday or Monday, or with any other knowledge about this crime, to contact them at 970-224-6090.

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