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Authors: Zac Wiggy

The Associated Students of CSU Senate’s first meeting resulted in three bills being sent

to committees. The senate approved no bills or other actions during the meeting, which ran nearly two hours.

The first bill presented at the meeting states that CSU students support expanding the Student Recreation Center as soon as possible. The Recreation Center’s current plan is to expand in 2008 or 2009.

By extending current bonds, the expansion could begin in approximately three years. Hurrying the expansion could lead to an increase in student fees as funds are unlikely to be allocated from the general fund, given the state’s current economic situation.

This bill was referred to the Community and Student Issues Committee.

Another bill will commend the Board of Governors for its commitment to “continue with the presidential search process as they have outlined and not change the process because of Bill Owens’ recommendation.”

The bill also states that students encourage potential candidates to apply for the position, despite the governor’s recommendation.

“I think it’s important that we tell the Board of Governors that we thank them,” said

ASCSU President David Bower. “I think that this is a good statement of our opinion.”

The bill comes as a response to Governor Bill Owens’ recent endorsement of Marc

Holtzman for the position of CSU president, which Albert Yates will be leaving on June 30. The endorsement has raised many concerns, including the possibility of CSU losing its accreditation, as the presidential search process had barely begun when Owens made his statement.

The bill was referred to the Student Empowerment Committee. ASCSU also added to the agenda a bill titled “Identifying a Safer Campus.” The bill expresses a desire by students to make use of the back of

student ID cards to store safety information.

Suggestions for the back of IDs include the phone numbers for CSU Police

Department, Lory Student Center Campus Information Services, SafeWalk, Hartshorn Health

Center, the University Counseling Center and the Victim Assistance team.

This bill was passed to the Environmental committee.

President Bower also noted at the meeting that CSU will probably have $18 million cut from its budget in the future. This represents 11.1 percent of the school’s budget.

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