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It’s the first day of classes. Some students arrive at their first class and know within five minutes they should not have signed up for it. Other students sigh and head to a class in attempt to override in, knowing that they need it to graduate.

While some CSU students are lucky enough never to have such problems, there are ways to adjust class schedules for those who need to.

Students who know they don’t need a course, or just want to lighten their course loads, still have time to withdraw from a class. Most courses, if withdrawn from by Feb. 5, will not appear on transcripts, although some designated limited add/drop courses students only have until Jan. 26 to withdraw. Dropping a course is done online at ramweb.colostate.edu.

Janelle Lane, an academic adviser at CSU’s HELP/Success Center, reminds students not to take dropping a course lightly.

“Always talk to your advisor before dropping a course, to check for repercussions,” Lane said.

From Feb. 5 to March 24 students can still withdraw from most courses, but will receive a “W”, or “withdrawn” on their transcripts.

When asked if having a W mark on a transcript hurts a student, Lane responded, “One or two, no. More can… especially for getting into graduate school.”

If a course is full, students can continue to check the course on Ramweb. If another student drops that course, the course will be available for registration.

Overriding into a course can be more difficult. In order to register for a full course, students must speak with the course’s professor and obtain an override form. Then they must take that form to the Registrar’s Office, where they are manually entered into the class.

Christina Temple, a sophomore political science major, has been set back due to trouble overriding into a class.

“There were already too many people overriding,” Temple said.

Professors generally try to help students who are in need of overrides.

“They do what they can, but if there aren’t enough seats, there aren’t enough seats,” Lane said.

Overrides must be completed before registration ends on Feb. 5.

One way to deal with overrides is to avoid the need for one in the first place. All CSU students should register at their appointed times and should meet with their advisors several weeks before hand, Lane said.

Open option students, students seeking to explore majors, students seeking a major and students wishing to withdraw from the university can contact the HELP/Success Center at 491-7095. Other students can contact their advisors.

Possible Outbox:

Important Dates:

Jan 26 End of limited drop period

Jan 27 End of limited add period

Feb 5 End of registration: student’s may not change grading options, students withdrawing from classes will now

receive W’s on their transcripts, no classes may be added, override forms due,

Mar 24 End of class withdrawal

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