Celebrate Roe

Jan 212003

Celebrate Roe

On January 22, 1973, the U.S. government ruled in the Supreme Court that women should decide for themselves when to become mothers. This was a landmark decision for women’s rights, equality, and personal autonomy. Unfortunately, as we stand here 30 years later, women’s reproductive rights are under extreme attack.

The Bush Administration’s attacks are numerous and include appointing an extreme, anti-reproductive rights OB/GYN to the head of the FDA’s Women’s Health Policy, nominating anti-choice judges to the Supreme Court, and refusing to fund a promised $34 million to the U.N. fund for reproductive health and STD prevention. As we approach Roe’s anniversary, women’s rights activists are mobilizing for an intensive battle to keep abortion safe and legal in this country and to ensure women’s reproductive health care. Many of us who have grown up with Roe do not seriously believe that this Constitutional right can be overturned. But this right can very easily be eliminated and the President has vowed to many of his constituents that it will be done. You could lose this sentence. Make a stand for choice by contacting your federal and state legislators. Get involved with the CSU chapter of NARAL and join our candlelight vigil on January 22 in the Plaza at 6:30 p.m. Keep the government out of this very private decision, let your pro-choice voice be heard and help all women protect our REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS.

Michele Burns


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