Jan 202003
Authors: Christopher J. Ortiz

Over the break, 300 CSU students endured a 50-hour bus drive traveling to Memphis, Tenn. to cheer on the Rams at the Liberty Bowl football game as they took on the mighty horned frogs of Texas Christian University. The three-day, 2,400-mile trip was organized and put on by the Associated Students of CSU.

CSU athletics donated game tickets to students, equaling up to $15,000. The office of the Vice President of Student Affairs also donated money to the trip.

In addition to game tickets, the price of the trip, $150, included transportation, admission to a pep rally held on Beale Street in Memphis a day before the game, admission to the tailgate party for both teams held before the game, a two night hotel stay and a shirt commemorating the game.

“It was a good deal for your money,” said Jeff Willson, a senior in journalism. “It was definitely a cheap way for college students to party.”

Students went on the trip for various reasons.

A recent graduate, Heather Headley, said she went because it was her last chance to go to a bowl game and to meet new people.

“I’m going to support the Rams and have a hell of a New Year,” said Krystle Hofmeister, a sophomore in speech communication.

It was not just college students who got in on the action. A lot of alumni also attended the game.

“People here are excellent, the enthusiasm is outstanding,” said alumnus Jack Ferwick during the tailgate party.

Most students said their experience on the trip was positive, though some did have minor complaints including game ticket distribution.

“ASCSU was awesome (in planning the trip) but could have done a better job at ticket pass out,” said Chelsea McCall, a junior in apparel design and production.

Though the football game might have disappointed some students, some did not let the loss damper the trip.

“I came here thinking that the game was going to be the highlight,” said Christine Connally, a junior in wildlife biology. “But even though we didn’t win, it didn’t ruin the trip.”

After the game, many students celebrated New Year’s Eve on Beale Street, a popular and historic street in Memphis. Buses arrived back at Fort Collins on January 2.

“It went excellent,” said Brendan Burns, the director of student activities for ASCSU. “We couldn’t ask for it to go better.”

According to Burns, ASCSU is one of the few student governments nationwide that take a part in planning a trip such as this one.

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