Dec 122002
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

The forgotten Ram-Falcon trophy has been returned to its rightful owner, thanks to some successful military training by CSU Air Force ROTC members.

Members of Operation Ram Pride journeyed down to Colorado Springs on Nov. 29 to bring back the trophy everyone seemed to have forgotten.

“It’s a big motivational thing,” said Jason Tingstrom, the commander of the operation and a student at CSU. “Nobody even knew we had a trophy (for this game).”

Tingstrom said when the athletic department heard of the operation, they were very supportive.

“The athletic department was upset with the Academy (for holding the trophy),” said Tingstrom, a senior electrical engineering student.

The trophy, depicting a ram and falcon in combat, is supposed to be awarded annually to the victor of the Air Force vs. CSU football game. It has recorded the winner since its first appearance in 1981, when it was awarded to CSU on Jan. 30.

Despite CSU victories against the Academy the last two years, the trophy has remained in the Academy’s trophy case.

“We dominated (the game) and deserve this trophy,” Tingstrom said.

Operation Ram Pride got into the Academy by using their cars that have stickers granting them permission to enter the base.

“We luckily took cars with stickers,” Tingstrom said. “They didn’t ask us anything. If they had, we would have told them we were going to the hockey game there.”

After getting on base, the cadets found the trophy case and made off with the trophy.

Neil Lisowski, a senior political science student, was in charge of scouting out the layout and planning some escape routes should the team run into problems.

“I went down a week in advance to scout it out,” said Lisowski. “The operation was definitely successful.”

The trophy is one of three that CSU now has in its possession. A trophy is also awarded to the winner of the Border War against Wyoming and against CU.

“It was pretty intense, but it was great at the end,” said Patrick Swenson, a sophomore psychology student.

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