Dec 122002
Authors: Josh Hardin

It seems like the past four and a half years have all been a vivid dream.

Looking at the subtleties of everyday life at CSU is not something most people do while they are studying here. Sometimes it’s the little things we don’t notice everyday that we will miss the most after we walk in our caps and gowns. This was a place where cultures converged and people on opposite sides of the political spectrum swapped ideas. Looking at our campus was like painting a picture with a palette of color, uniquely complex even for Colorado. Life at CSU was a part of a beauty that is hard to believe and here is a sample of some of the silhouettes we will forever share in our memories:

Orange leaves swayed in fall breezes tunneling through the elms on the Oval. Under their branching arms, girls sunbathed on brightly colored blankets in the afternoon and lovers passionately kissed in warm midnight embraces. The ghosts of history seemed to live inside the white marble pillars of the Administration Building and behind the glass doors of Ammons Hall. Our hopes for love and success dwelled in these places.

Violet foothills soared over foggy valleys west of our homes. Hikers, kayakers and skiers cut classes to escape to Winter Park, Pingree Park and Poudre Canyon. Freshmen slyly planned snowball fights in front of the residence halls. Our Choice City was nestled next to gentle rolling hills and the rugged Rocky Mountains.

Effluent aqua waters reflected the jet-blue sky as they trickled from the flood memorial fountain in front of the Engineering Building and through the mouths of ram sculptures outside of the Lory Student Center. Our primary water sport was swimming for Frisbees that flew into the Lagoon.

CSU green and gold-clad warriors battled on the gridirons of Hughes Stadium, on the courts of Moby Gym and on the grass of the Intramural Fields bathed in fluorescent floodlights and glory. Our sports made us shout like madmen, pound our fists into the sides of our skulls and paint our half-naked bodies with green, oily pastels.

Hazy neon lights illuminated pink and purple hues on the wet, black streets of Old Town. Friends frolicked together and partiers danced in pubs like Old Chicago’s, Lucky Joe’s, the Town Pump, Tony’s and Tailgate Tommy’s. Our weekends became fuzzy because we partook in pitchers of brews from New Belgium, Budweiser and Odell.

Editions of the Collegian created with the combination of sticky cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks were scattered across campus with half-completed crosswords and coupons cut out. Our favorite hobby was writing hate mail to the most edgy, eccentric editorial writers.

Red sandstone bricks on the Clark Building and Eddy Hall accentuated the saturated rays of the sunrise as students sleepily walked to their early-morning classes. Our worst fear was being required to take an 8 a.m. course for an entire semester.

Yellow walls powerfully permeated the interior of the Morgan Library as students stressfully studied their texts or snoozed in the comfortable chairs. Mass quantities of coffee and colas where consumed to keep students awake and working into all hours of the night. Our final exams made us cram more crap into our craniums than we could ever remember.

Little things like these look insignificant when you examine them separately, but when you put together these snapshots something interesting happens. Like a magnificent montage, CSU is a special place when you take a look at the big picture. Every graduate should burn the image of this place, where they spent a substantial portion of their lives, somewhere in their minds before they walk into their future. While CSU will live on to future generations, it will never be exactly the same as the visions we will forever hold in our memories.

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