Graduation party places

Dec 122002
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

Many area restaurants are gearing up to feed the party needs of fall graduates.

Paul Hutson, the CB& Potts Clubhouse manager, said that while spring graduation is busier, fall graduation brings in good business.

“Every year I get booked,” Hutson said. “Friday and Saturdays, pretty much all day.”

Hutson said he started getting reservations about two months ago, near the beginning of the semester.

CB & Potts offers several different options for food, such as fajita or banquet buffets. Hutson said that three or four graduates often host a party together to cut down on the cost.

“A lot of times they host with other students,” Hutson said. “They can all chip in and feed their families.”

Washington’s Bar and Grill’s department manager, Aaron Nagell, said they are booked up for two weeks until graduation, which is pretty normal.

“Fall is pretty busy for us,” Nagell said.

There are two options for students looking to hold a party at Washington’s.

“(Students) can rent out the basement or the upstairs,” Nagell said. “In the basement you can rent a DJ and have a bar.”

Upstairs offers pool tables for a little friendly competition.

If you are looking for a good place to hang out with friends that’s a little cheaper, Jeremy Ostermiller, a graduating senior, recommends Tony’s, a restaurant and lounge.

“We’re buying bar tabs for all our friends,” said Ostermiller, a public relations major. “It’s a big place and I know the owners.”

Ostermiller said he did look at other options but he and his two co-hosts decided on Tony’s. He said he also knew some people hosting a party at Suite 152.

“We wanted to have one last blowout,” Ostermiller said.

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