Dec 122002
Authors: Adrienne Hoenig

CSU’s Alumni Association wants students to stay in touch after they graduate.

Teri Lear, administrative assistant to the executive director of the Alumni Association, said the most important reason to stay in touch is the wide range of people alums will have the opportunity to meet.

“It’s more of a networking thing than anything else,” Lear said. “You just never know who you’re going to meet.” Currently, at least 126,000 CSU alumni are connected to their alma mater. The Alumni Association hosts tailgating parties before football games and victory celebrations after, clubs, reunions, road trips, pretty much anything students were involved in while they were in college, but on a different level.

“We build relationships with people,” Lear said. “That’s what our job is.”

CSU’s Alumni Association hosts a wide range of people to build relationships with, said Advancement Services Coordinator Elisa Sneider. Governors, senators, Olympic athletes, poets, news anchors and actresses are among some of the famous CSU alumni.

Jim Benemann is a co-anchor for NBC on Channel 9 news in Denver. He graduated from CSU with a degree in technical journalism in 1978. He has very fond memories of his time at CSU.

“I had a wonderful experience,” Benemann said. “It was a chance to make friends I still see today and the education was great.” He said CSU had a considerable influence on the life he leads now.

“I certainly give much of the credit for the success I’ve enjoyed in TV news to my studies at CSU,” he said. Benemann wants to make sure that current CSU students get to reap the same benefits.

“I’m always available to help CSU students who want to get into broadcasting,” he said. “No matter what happens in life, I think most grads will look back on time spent in Fort Collins as some of the best years of their lives.”

Linda Hack, a 1972 childhood development graduate, certainly agrees with Benemann. She met her husband, Ken Hack, standing in line to register for classes in 1969.

“These were the days before computers,” Linda said. “The lines were huge, at least 50 people.” Linda needed to drop the same 8 a.m. economics class that Ken needed to add. The class was full, so the only way he could add it was if he found someone who was dropping it. Linda and Ken found each other and stood together in line to trade the class.

“I guess he had his eye on me,” Linda said. “He was one of those guys that kind of grew on you.” Linda and Ken were married on March 25, 1972. They held their reception in the Lory Student Center. Linda said CSU’s faulty registration system is to thank for helping her find her husband.

“My class schedule was totally fouled up,” Linda said. “If I hadn’t had to stand in that line, I would never have met the love of my life.”

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