Dec 122002
Authors: Willow Welter

Aides at the CSU Career Center have been busy this month assisting December graduates with job searches and other services.

Some students who will graduate on Dec. 20 and Dec. 21 may be experiencing anxiety about what lies in the near future. In those cases, career counselors offer advice and resources to ease worry and promote employment.

“We’re here to help graduates,” said Ann Malen, director of the Career Center. “Students can structure a job search process or register in our jobs online posting system.”

In addition to career counseling, the Career Center also offers workshops, internship searches and other resources for all students and alumni.

Malen said many students begin working with the Career Center as early as freshman year.

“If (the graduate) is someone who hasn’t even started a r/sum/,” Malen said, “then they definitely need to come see us.”

Overall, Malen explained, the Career Center helps students learn how to market themselves to employers through a “very focused and very active approach.”

Erin Fendrich, a career counselor who works with environmental health and microbiology majors, said networking is vital in a graduate’s job search.

“75 percent of jobs are found through networking,” Fendrich said. “In a down-turned job market, I encourage students to network and do informational interviews.”

Graduation ceremonies for fall semester are scheduled for Dec. 20 and Dec. 21. After graduation, the Career Center continues to offer advice and assistance to alumni.

The Career Center’s Web site,, offers employer contacts, internships, job searches, recruiting and other services.

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