Buyback offers drive-thru

Dec 122002
Authors: Kyle Endres

The newest drive-thru to come to Fort Collins will not be from a fast food restaurant or a bank.

The Colorado State University Bookstore will be offering a drive-thru tent for students wishing to sell back their used textbooks after this semester. The drive-thru will be held on the west side of the Moby Arena parking lot Monday through Thursday of next week.

The usual buyback locations, at the bookstore, outside the Clark Building and near the Durrell Center, will be available again this year.

“The idea came about because we had students requesting more convenience,” said Margaret Gearhart, assistant director of books at the bookstore. “I had heard that a few schools had tried it and liked it. (Students) can sit in their car, listen to music and be in their jammies, and never have to leave the car.”

The drive-thru will have two lines of cars entering a 20 feet by 40 feet tent with tables and computers set up on the car’s left side. It will be open daily hours from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

“I think the reason they did it is to try to make (buyback) flow a bit quicker,” said senior Mike Witty, a finance major. “It could be more efficient and it could be more trouble. You don’t have to deal with parking, but it could mess up parking at Moby.”

Mike Rose, director of CSU Parking Services, thinks the buyback drive-thru will go smoothly.

“Since it’s in finals week, the demand for parking isn’t as great,” Rose said. “Since they’re going to be coming in on Plum (Street) and exiting on Shields (Street), where there’s a light, they can get out of the lot a lot easier.”

BUDGETexT, a national wholesale book dealer that buys many of the textbooks the bookstore does not need, is funding the drive-thru. BUDGETexT and companies like it buy many students’ books after the bookstore has filled their book orders and sell them nationally. The drive-thru addition will not decrease the amount of money students receive for books, Gearhart said.

Selling books back as soon as students are finished with them is one good way to receive more money for books, because this decreases the likelihood that the bookstore has filled its book order, Gearhart said. However, this only works if the professors have placed their orders before the student tries to sell the book.

Another new idea for the bookstore this semester is later hours on two of the buyback dates. On Wednesday and Thursday, the bookstore buyback site will stay open until 7 p.m. to accommodate students who cannot attend buyback earlier, Gearhart said.

Other buyback hours can be found at

“By having more locations scattered throughout campus, (students) can pick the location that’s most convenient,” Gearhart said. “There’s a lot of folks that think (the drive-thru) is a good customer service thing to do for our students. There’s so many businesses that have drive-thru availability and it works for them, so people must like that option.”

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