Dec 122002
Authors: Albert Yates

Congratulations to the Fall 2002 graduates of Colorado State University!

Throughout this fall, our University community has participated in a series of programs called, “Bridges to the Future: American History and Values in Light of September 11th.” This statewide dialogue has challenged each of us to consider our

nation’s history, its role within the global community, the responsibilities we share as Americans, and how, together, we might build bridges to a future brighter than the past.

As we prepare for commencement ceremonies this month, I can’t help but think of the vital role our graduates will play in building those bridges. Colorado State University alumni go on to become leaders in our state, nation and in countries around

the globe — transforming the knowledge and experience gained on our campus into a safer, healthier and more productive world.

Our graduating students are well-prepared for the next step in their lives, but still, they cannot fully comprehend the challenges and opportunities they will encounter. They will not always know whether the choices they are making will be the

right ones. But I believe they possess certain qualities that can make the difference in whether they find the success they seek in life: a belief in the power of their dreams and a commitment to doing whatever they can to make the world a

better place. The path they each choose to travel after leaving our campus will be the true measure of the education they have earned at this University. Knowledge, often in the form of wisdom, continues to unfold and to be rediscovered throughout

life, each time brighter, clearer and more useful.

Graduates: As your life and knowledge unfold, I hope you will gain a new appreciation for your experiences at Colorado State, both in and out of the classroom, and that you will make an effort to stay in touch with your alma mater and the many

people here who will follow your future successes with great interest and pride. Colorado State students are thoughtful, engaged, intellectually curious and committed to the ideal of service above self. I take pride in knowing you have strong core

values that guide your lives and your choices, enabling you to learn well from your own mistakes, to study and transcend the mistakes of others, and to grow over time into strong, compassionate and knowledgeable leaders for our society and our


And as you do so, I hope you will think back upon your years here with pride and a strong sense of accomplishment, and that you will remain a part of the Colorado State community no matter where your lives might lead.

Congratulations and Godspeed!


Albert C. Yates


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