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Authors: Jodi Friedman

Asia Mays is a junior CSU Ram who has been practicing Tae Kwon Do for four years, and her entire family does it as well. She is half Korean

Mays is continuing her family tradition. She practices at Moby Arena and hopes to teach in the future. She competes in tournaments once each month and thoroughly loves the overall competitive aspect of Tae Kwon Do.

“I have only used it once,” she said. “It was on a girl who I caught making out with the guy that I was talking to, the guy himself, and the guy’s friend who was in the way.”

She has visited Korea two times. The most recent was three years ago, and the other time was when she was 12-years-old. She would like to live there later in her life, even if it is temporary, and a handful of her family members live there too.

Mays described Korean culture as controlling and competitive in various aspects of life, such as family and school. She labels Korea as a “restrictive culture of wannabees who want to be Western.”

She also noted similarities between society in Korea and life here at CSU. “The college kids are pretty much like us except they are allowed to drink at an earlier age so they don’t do it as much as people do here.”

Mays attended the Air Force Academy for two and a half years before she transferred to CSU. “I left because it sucked my ass,” she said.

She had no time to herself, felt that the military aspect was worthless, and the classes were watered-down and offered no challenge.

“The people there are great though,” she said.

Mays arrived at CSU for her sophomore year as a political science major.

She loves the people at CSU. She also appreciates the ability to wear whatever she chooses; she enjoys the general freedom on campus.

“I could come butt-naked to school if I wanted to,” she said. “I could protest just because.”

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