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Authors: Jodi Friedman

Meditation is a simple and spiritual way to happiness that can be achieved and performed by anyone. It is considered both a technique and a practice.

Its primary goal is to diminish the constant chatter of the mind and to refocus the attention of the soul. The two main reasons most people are unable to meditate are because few people know what it truly is, and even fewer people lack motivation to attempt this art.

Despite popular belief, meditation is not difficult. In the early stages, each person is required an object to focus on. Some examples include a physical object, a thought, an idea or a problem that needs a solution or a state of consciousness. Over time, the number of random thoughts that occur in the mind begin to diminish.

Meditation is an ageless tradition of wisdom that takes people through three stages. The stages are the following: mental concentration, meditation and blissful identification. During mental concentration, people are able to focus on each of their five senses (smell, sight, sound, touch and taste) and ignore other unimportant data that the brain receives. The meditation stage is achieved when the mind has a continuous and effortless flow toward the object of concentration.

Blissful identification is the highest state and it is when the mind excludes all other outward stimuli that it becomes one with the object.

Sitting with the eyes closed is the easiest and most common way for beginners to control their wandering minds. Other meditation methods include sitting in a recliner chair, switching between sitting and standing every few minutes, mirror gazing and even dancing.

Daily life becomes more meaningful as one reaches enlightenment and Nirvana because the inward energetic support gives meaning to outward activity. The rewards of meditation are long term.

Meditation enables people to reach inner-happiness and contentment. Simply relaxing the mind results in a sense of tranquility and fullness to human beings. Meditation is a mystic adventure to self-discovery but it must be demonstrated with sincerity and patience. When people have overall clarity to the consciousness, they are able to see reality directly without distortions of memory and thoughts.

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