Dec 112002
Authors: Stephanie Lindberg

Two resolutions were voted to emergency status in the final meeting of the semester for the Associated Students of CSU.

Resolutions supporting student organization recognition and supporting a citywide smoke free policy in all workplaces were awarded emergency status to avoid saving the issues until the spring semester.

ASCSU voted to give their support to the annual Student Organization Award Recognition ceremony by a vote of 21-3-4.

A copy of the resolution will also be sent to the officer in charge of each of the 233 recognized student organizations at CSU, extending the congratulations of all the student organizations over the past semester.

The Senate also discussed a resolution that stated the Senate’s approval of smoke free workplaces in Fort Collins.

Katie Clausen, a writer of the resolution, told the senate members that city council had asked for a student opinion. The question of emergency status was raised because the city council will vote on the issue next Tuesday.

“Businesses are in support of smoking ban,” said Clausen, a sophomore business management student.

Discussion and debate over whether the Senate should support the resolution, as a reflection of the student body’s opinion, was an issue.

“I think it’s important to represent the student body,” said Ashly Nickel, a graduate school senator.

Several senators didn’t think the resolution was accurate in representing the student body.

‘This is an issue of choice, not an issue of health,” said Luke O’Dell, a sophomore history major. “I don’t feel this is an appropriate representation.”

The Senate voted to approve the resolution by a vote of 15-14. A copy of the resolution along with the approval of the Senate will be sent to the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment and the mayor of Fort Collins, Ray Martinez.

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