Dec 102002
Authors: Spencer Goodfriend

Die-hard CSU fans looking to see their Rams face off in the Liberty Bowl against the Texas Christian University (TCU) Horned Frogs can travel by bus to Memphis, Tenn., for the game.

“Please support Sonny Lubick and the rest of the football team – it’s definitely going to be fun,” said Brendan Burns, a senior political science major and director of Student Activities.

But the event may conflict with some students’ holiday schedules.

“It’s a really good idea. I would go, but the trip would interfere with my holiday plans,” said Adam Keen, a sophomore engineering science major.

The trip costs $150 and includes the 18- to 22-hour bus ride both ways, two nights in Hawthorne Suites, two breakfasts, a pre-game Ram Rally ticket, a pre-game all-you-can-eat buffet ticket, a ticket to the Liberty Bowl and a T-shirt.

“I think I might go. I don’t have any other plans for the New Year – it’s definitely worth $150 to me…I think it would be to any real passionate Ram fan,” said Ty Whitcomb, a senior history major. “I’m just curious to how many other fans are actually going to go.”

The pre-game Ram Rally will be like a pep rally, located on Beale Street near the stadium in Memphis. It will probably be held at Silky O’ Sullivans. The rally will coincide with the Liberty Bowl Parade.

“It sounds as if it is worth the money as long as everything promised runs smoothly,” Keen said.

The buses will leave by noon Sunday, Dec. 29 from the east Pitkin Street Z commuter lots and will arrive back on Jan. 2.

Students will be provided transportation to and from all planned events in Memphis, but will be responsible for themselves in all other situations.

OUTBOX: For further information, contact Brendan Burns at the ASCSU office or at 215-1625.

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