Make decisions on your own

Dec 102002
Authors: Ben Mayfield

I am writing in response to Brian Johanson’s slam on Ryan Owen’s column about “quickies.” Mr. Johanson argues that people no longer think of sex as sacred and special. Since the Collegian published the column, he argues, they have no conscience.

Unfortunately, Mr. Johanson is ignoring the fact that some people do not agree with his opinion about

sex. The Collegian’s mission includes the phrase “to provide a platform for discourse.” Publishing someone’s entertaining moral views exposes the community to a unique human being.

A newspaper that does not publish multiple viewpoints and different tastes would promote close-mindedness.

Furthermore, if Mr. Johanson is offended, perhaps he should consider not reading articles with a title such as “The lost sport of the quickie.” The Collegian is not responsible for making moral decisions for its readers. Mr. Johanson, I am glad you were offended; being offended will open your mind up to understanding people who are different than you.

Ben Mayfield


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