Dec 102002
Authors: Brian Szmyd

It’s all fun and games, till someone complains

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to Brian Johnson’s article on Tuesday titled “Collegian has no conscience.” In the article, Brian refers to Ryan Owen’s article that I’m sure we all read on Monday titled “The lost sport of the quickie.” Brian, while I’m sorry you and your peers were appalled by Mr. Owen’s article, I have to ask what do you care?

You may not approve of or engage in the activities that Mr. Owens and the many of us enjoy taking part in, but please do not try and pass judgment on something you don’t choose for yourself and in no way has any impact on your life or daily doings. So get a grip and get over it.

I instead applaud Mr. Owens for being one of few Collegian writers that can talk about something other than government or ranting about how they don’t care for how someone else votes or lives their life. Cheers!

Brian Szmyd


Computer Science

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