Dec 092002
Authors: Linda Lechler

A task force has been created to provide students with an opportunity to voice their input on how grant money should be spent to promote tobacco cessation.

In August of 2002, CSU was awarded a grant, the Colorado Collegiate Tobacco Prevention Initiative (CCTPI), along with 15 other Colorado universities. The money is from the State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership.

The grant will provide CSU with $33, 210 each year for three years, for a total of nearly $100,000.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the peer education network BACCHUS and GAMMA are in charge of managing the grant money. Included in the grant is a task force committee, which must be set up in each participating university.

The general goals of the task force committee are to prevent the initiation of tobacco use, promote cessation, eliminate secondhand smoke exposure and address disparities in the population, according to Gwen Sieving, a health educator at Hartshorn Health Services.

The CSU task force is a committee of 12 to 17 members from a variety of backgrounds, including CSU Student Affairs, the Larimer County Health Department, representatives from Hartshorn Health Center, coordinators for the grant and CSU’s Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Student Services.

This task force has organized promotions for tobacco cessation, including National Smokeout Day, held Nov. 21, handed out quit kits for serious smokers, and are currently trying to set up a student task force.

The task force is where students will have input on ways to spend the money towards tobacco cessation, Sieving said.

The second task force meeting of the year was held Monday at the Student Recreation Center. The stated goal of CSU’s task force is to assist in changing student, staff and faculty behavior by preventing or reducing the rates of people starting to smoke and increasing the rates of people quitting, Sieving said.

“It’s about a group of individuals with common interests to create a tobacco free campus,” Sieving said.

In addition to setting up a student task force, the committee discussed an Advocacy Day at the State Capitol on Jan. 9, 2003.

Advocacy Day would relate to tobacco prevention and discuss the fact that funding, including the CCTPI grant, could be cut in half by the Governor’s proposal to the Joint Budget Committee, according to a CCTPI program update.

Also, CCTPI and Colorado Parent Teachers Association will hold a rally on this day to promote the importance of maintaining prevention, education and cessation funding.

“(The task force) has made so much progress in such a small amount of time,” said CSU Psychology Teacher Pat Aloise-Young.

To get involved in the student task force, call Gwen Sieving at 491-3084.

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