Dec 092002
Authors: Brian Johanson

To the Editor:

Well, it appears the Collegian once again has too much time and not enough conscience. Many people, myself included, were appalled by Ryan Owens’ Monday article, “The lost sport of the quickie.” I saw Owens’ article on sex toys, which also made me flinch, but I didn’t get too upset, because I figured, “oh those college kids- they’ve just got raging hormones.”

It would appear that Mr. Owens is just one big hormone; ready to burst when someone mentions sex.

I miss the days when people thought of sex as something sacred and special. Now it has been reduced to a sport, activities that everyone can join in, watch, poke, prod, etc.

I know I sound like a prude, but damn it, you guys are making all of us college kids look bad. I remember when I had respect for the Collegian, but no more.

First, the article telling people how to smoke pot, now an article that tells people where to have sex – illegally, on campus. But don’t worry, “The Collegian nor Ryan Owens are endorsing or advocating public sex acts.”

Brian Johanson


Technical Journalism

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