Dec 082002
Authors: Kendra Olds

To the Editor:

I have noticed a major hypocrisy on the part of our university and the residence life system. I feel an obligation to bring to light.

The CSU Police Department obviously does not issue tickets for minors in possession or consumption. It’s well known the Fort Collins Police Department would be swamped with masses of paperwork if they chose to enforce the law regarding alcohol, and therefore content themselves with giving noise warnings.

Residents of the halls receive upwards of 10 incident reports without receiving judicial action concerning removal from the halls.

What an intense lack of propriety this institution is experiencing if we retain the rules and regulations that we have, but are basically sending the message to residents that we care so very little about whether or not they drink, just as long as they don’t get caught. We would prefer for them to do it off campus, however, which puts them at a higher safety risk.

Do our priorities lie with their safety or with our track record? How pointless was it for the residence halls to become completely dry this year, when there is no change in the effort we put in? I definitely do believe that the legal age should be 18, but I completely understand that this is not something the university can control.

We should either have the policy and enforce it, or not have the policy at all. Any other combination conveys such a want of integrity. To remain complacent on the issue, and not take a stand would be very diplomatic politically, but not at all ethical.

Kendra Olds

Sophomore, open option.

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