Where are the students?

Dec 052002
Authors: Dick Thomas

I was a student twice (undergraduate Engineering, later an MBA) and admit that my fraternity, sports and girls occupied my thoughts more than national issues. Now, with a better perspective on issues, I am appalled that we may go to war with Iraq.

As an engineer, I think of Iraq as a sovereign nation and a member of the United Nations.

There are many United Nations resolutions that are ignored by other sovereign nations. It is questionable that Iraq required inspectors to leave its country as alleged. Iraq has delivery systems with a maximum range of only 400 miles. The underlying reasons for a United States invasion of Iraq do not make sense.

In 1998 politicians sent me to fight in Vietnam. One experience was rushing to the assistance of our forces caught in an ambush. I walked through the site looking for life. A soldier lay on his back looking at me. I walked over to him and then realized the top of his head had been sheared off. However incredible it may seem, I thought it was a watermelon with the top sliced off. There was a white line around the edge, and the center was a grayish watermelon.

I won’t forget that image, and I cannot imagine how it happened. Our politicians promoted those wars as noble and patriotic. In the end the military was the scapegoat and most of the politicians escaped blame for those terrible misadventures.

We must remember that wars are the equivalent of meat grinders. Ken and Barbie do not fight them on television. We do not have a draft but we could if our politicians need more bodies for the meat grinder. Iraq will be your war, not mine. I think you should make your voices heard.

Dick Thomas

Former Professor of Military Science, and administrator at CSU.

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