Dec 052002
Authors: Kyle Endres

There could be some changes in the residence halls for next semester as the Department of Housing and Food Services seeks to fill two director positions.

H&FS is currently interviewing candidates for director of Residence Life and director of Residence Hall Dining Services, two positions open due to the movement of the current position-holders.

“We would hope to have a decision by Dec. 20, before semester break,” said Jim Dolak, executive director of H&FS.

The director of RHDS is in charge of managing and operating nine dining centers, 500 employees, meals for 4,800 residence hall students and a $14 million annual budget. Desirable qualities for the chosen candidate include management skills, vision, direction, leadership and strong business skills, Dolak said.

Ann Tisdale, the current director of RHDS, will become the assistant director of H&FS position, an unfilled position this semester.

The three current candidates for the RHDS position are Stephen Edwards, associate director of Dining Services at Washington and Lee University, Brandon Williams, area manager for the University of California at Los Angeles Housing and Hospitality Services, and Deon Lategan, associate director of Virginia Tech Culinary Services.

The director of Residence Life handles the daily administration of the Residence Life program, with 4,800 residence hall students, 45 professional full-time and graduate level staff, and approximately 150 undergraduate staff.

Someone with experience in administration and working with diverse populations, leadership ability and strong written and presentation skills would be desirable for the position, said Mark Denke, assistant vice-president for Student Affairs and chairman of the search committee for the director of Residence Life.

The current director of Residence Life is David McKelfresh, who will become the director of staff development and assessment for H&FS, a new position in the department.

The three candidates for the Residence Life position are Lyn Redington, associate director of Residence/Housing and the University of Northern Iowa, Mary Sinnwell, manager of Residence Life at the University of Iowa, and Stephen St. Onge, associate director of Residence Life at Syracuse University.

“Hopefully one person will emerge as somebody we want, and we’ll make an offer and hopefully they’ll accept,” Denke said.

Students, faculty and staff are all encouraged to offer opinions on any of the candidates. There will be an open-forum for each candidate, and evaluation forms are available at, as well as resumes and information about each candidate.

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