Dec 052002
Authors: Ben Randall

To the Editor:

In the Thursday Dish section of the Collegian, Paul Franco wrote about a discussion concerning music that he had in a bar. Franco’s taste in music was criticized by a “drunk’, who claimed that Franco only listened to popular music. Franco goes on to us all that just because music is popular doesn’t make it bad, and that just because music is underground doesn’t make it any better. He states that popular music is simply easier to find and may be more accessible to people’s taste.

I found Franco’s position odd, considering that on Thursday, Nov. 7, he devoted an entire column to making fun of how manufactured popular music is, and how the artists have no artistic integrity. The people who listen to this music are merely sheep who will buy anything marketed towards them.

It seems that popular bands are manufactured if Franco doesn’t like them, but if they fit his taste, they are just “accessible.” Or, maybe Franco is a sheep who can dish out the criticism but can’t take it.

Ben Randall

Senior, Computer science

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