Dec 052002
Authors: Helyna Bledsoe

The Colorado Agriculture and Rural Leadership program kicked off Thursday with hopes of enhancing leadership skills in the agriculture industry.

“Effective leadership of Colorado agriculture and rural communities is more critical today than it has ever been before,” said Jim Heird, dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences, in a recent press release.

The two-year program, known as CARL, was developed by CSU and agricultural leaders throughout the state to help rural citizens deal with the complex issues in their areas, said Don Nitchie, CARL director.

“(CARL) hopes to enhance leadership and teach creative solutions,” Nitchie said.

Sixteen Colorado adults were selected to participate in the travel and study program. Over the next two years, CARL will take the group of nine women and seven men across the state and parts of the United States while addressing agricultural issues such as drought, government policy, global markets, and technology.

“I applied because of my interest in agriculture,” said Angie Cue, a CARL participant. “I believe in the future of agriculture.”

Cue is excited about using the Internet to make more people aware of agriculture. She hopes to learn as much as she can and share those new ideas with her coworkers at Ranchway Feeds and members of her community.

“I’m excited about meeting people in the program and working together for the betterment of agriculture,” Cue said.

The first part of the two-year program will be held Thursday and Friday at the University Park Holiday Inn and will discuss communicating, ethics and working with the media.

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