Dec 052002
Authors: Jon Ackerman

I’m stressing out. Big time.

This is quite possibly the worst time of year. No wonder the suicide rate is higher at this time of year. There’s a lot to worry about, especially for us college kids.

Dead week – the calm before the storm – is upon us, meaning the week that determines our whole semester is next.

Christmas – when you used to get everything you don’t have, but now spend money you don’t have – is 20 days away.

And the nearing college football bowl season – Boise’s time to shine as the host of a major sporting event – is about as clear as the 1970s Jumbo Tron at Hughes Stadium.

It never fails. Every single semester, one or two or all of my grades hinge on the final. I know this at the start of the semester, so I try to study hard then, start off with some A’s and B’s on the early tests, and have a solid passing grade by finals week.

Instead, I usually end up studying the newest girls in class and starting off the semester with $50-$60 bar tabs. And I wonder why I don’t have enough money to get my little sister her favorite boy band poster for Christmas.

And St. Nick’s birthday comes at the same time every year, yet I put spring break on my credit card, pay only the interest fees all year, then max out the thing to get that poster. And I thought the Collegian would give me enough money to get by.

But college football just pushes everything over the edge. The BCS was meant to make everything easier, to create a true national championship game. Yet it has as many flaws a Carrot Top offspring.

Florida State is getting into one of the BCS bowls, which are supposed to be for the top eight teams in the country? The Seminoles have four losses and are ranked No. 16.

One of those losses was to Louisville, who couldn’t even win the Conference-USA. CSU beat Louisville, maybe we should go to a BCS bowl. Wait, sorry UNLV, you’re right.

But FSU is a lock because it somehow won the ACC. All the while, Iowa – with only one loss, sitting at No. 3 in the nation – could get snubbed because it never got a chance to prove it could be the Big 10 champ. Chances are the Hawkeyes won’t be left out, but it could happen.

Then there’s Colorado, another team CSU beat. Should the Buffs beat Oklahoma on Saturday, they’ll get one of the top four bowls, when they have three losses. And the other two teams they lost to – Oklahoma and Southern California – could be left out, despite Oklahoma having the same number of losses as CU and USC sitting at No. 5.

USC is in the worst position. The Trojans have played the toughest schedule in the nation and spanked Notre Dame last week, though the Fighting Irish could get in before USC.

And then there’s Arkansas. Should the Razorbacks beat Georgia on Saturday, they’ll be in.

Are you kidding me? No. 22 Arkansas could play No. 16 Florida State in a BCS bowl? I’d rather watch No. 19 Boise State (11-1) play on a blue field.

Well, have I confused you enough? Let’s not even get started on what could happen if Miami were to lose, which could put a team with two losses up against undefeated Ohio State in the national title game. And should that two-loss team win, there could be at least four one-loss teams sitting behind it.

Yet they call the NCAA college basketball tournament “March Madness.” Until college football gets a playoff system, it’s more like Mild March and Dumbfounding December.

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