Dec 042002
Authors: Amy Bergstrom

Students can have a say in the selection of CSU’s next president, if they choose to participate.

Justin Moninger, an ASCSU senator for the College of Engineering, will be representing students on the advisory committee for the selection of the new president.

Although the Board of Governors has the final say in who will be the next president, the advisory committee can make suggestions about the kind of person they would like to have, Moninger said.

Moninger is seeking input from the student body at large regarding what qualities students are looking for in a president. As part of this process, he held a forum to get student feedback Wednesday in the ASCSU Senate Chambers.

One representative for the Interfraternity Council attended the forum and gave Moninger feedback before he moved on to meet with the ASCSU cabinet. No other students came to the forum.

Moninger does not plan to let the lack of participation discourage him. He plans to attend an IFC meeting and a Residence Hall Association meeting to hear more opinions.

“I wanted to get the average Joe student’s opinion because I don’t normally have the opportunity to talk to students who don’t have the perspective I have,” Moninger said. “I’m here to represent the students.”

Moninger said that the advisory committee plans to start meeting sometime between Dec. 10 and 15, and once the selection process begins, the committee will not be able to discuss the candidates with the public.

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