Dec 042002
Authors: Rebecca Lapole

Rebecca LaPole

Listen to Oddjobs with Heiruspecs

Originally from Minneapolis, with a record deal in Brooklyn, Oddjobs headlined their “Sound of the Drums” tour all the way to the Starlight. The two emcees kept the crowd jumping near the end of the show Saturday night with their two DJs scratching and spinning the beats with fabulous consistency. “I love performing in front of the crowd and the energy we get back from them,” said MC Nomi of Oddjobs.

Everyone on stage Saturday, 12 guys and one girl, were 24-years-old or younger. The young show started off with four emcees from Listen, who recently headlined their own free show at the Aggie. With no live band and no DJ, Listen was much more lyrical, and kept everyone listening to their mic skills over the CD background. Listen performed a low-key MC display without their DJ, and gave a unique and pleasing experience Fort Collins’ fans enjoyed.

Heiruspecs [say it Hi-ROO-specs] are “really happy with Minneapolis,” said brand-new drummer Tim Glenn. The 24-year-old has been with the band for only two months now, on the group’s second “real” tour. He said his favorite part about touring is “being in a different place every night. It’s very refreshing and not monotonous.”

The same could be said about Heiruspecs’ music. They began their set very strong, with sick drumbeats a la Glenn and fantastic bass by Sean McPherson. Tasha Baron supported the sound strongly on keyboard. Emcees Felix and Muad’dib tore up the microphone with their individual styles.

MC Muad’dib beat-boxes beautifully claiming, “It’s just something I always did. I was always making weird noises with my mouth since I was a little kid.” MC Felix freestyles so quick and flows with force that made the small Starlight crowd pay attention immediately. Everyone danced and worked their way toward the front after their first taste of what Heiruspecs had to offer.

They are real hip-hop with catchy hooks, audience participation and better-than-you claims, representing Minnesota’s inspired writers and beat makers. MC Muad’dib makes the audience think that a DJ suddenly appeared on stage, using just his mouth to make crazy tricks on “All Fall Down,” a song where he and Felix rap back and forth saying they “share a body.”

Glenn and McPherson work on their other bands when they are not on tour and rehearsing with Heiruspecs. “Poor Line Condition is a live jungle and drum and bass act” that Glenn works on, and McPherson works with another band, “Traditional Methods, and I am constantly working on booking and promotions, as well as making products to sell at our [Heiruspecs] shows.” They have toured with Mac Lethal and Atmosphere and have opened for Jurassic 5, J-Live, Busta Rhymes and Eyedea & Abilities.

After their set ended on a band-less emcee performance with MC Muad’dib beat-boxing a quick awesome beat with MC Felix showing off his “Twisted Linguistics,” Oddjobs took the stage and kept the crowd bouncing.

Their emcees give love to “The Blue Lounge,” the recording studio in Brooklyn, NY where their album “Drums” was recorded. They represent blue-collar workers and embrace their diversity while involving the crowd to participate in “Hit Em With A High.”

Their set ended with Heiruspecs’ band joining the Oddjobs emcees for another song. Then the microphone was opened up to anyone in the audience and MC Felix hopped on first. Uncle D, from Listen, followed him and handed it off to band-mate Cory. Fort Collins felt the love of hip-hop Saturday night and two unknowns from the audience got up onstage to rhyme their thoughts in front of the small, but very live, crowd.

“Fort Collins impressed me,” MC Muad’dib said. “Grinnell, Iowa was an awesome show too. A lot of times the small crowds are more into it than the bigger ones. It’s like, what, is the whole town here?”

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